Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mars Mistakenly Communicating To Venus

When guys are not aware of their words or actions, they send large messages to women. When initially getting to know a woman, men can go on and on about either themself or about life theories they embrace.Women want men to be attracted to them for who they are and to demonstrate an obvious interest in her. Men need to understand that their knowledge about life etc, doesn't create an automatic attraction interest of him in her. THIS is a definite turn off. Being in conversation with a woman, when they display negative feelings about a situation or a person, this does not mean she is "hard to please."
We share equally with one another ALL sides of us because that is what forms the bond of a relationship. Men-take the focus off what you want and you will begin to see her in a dilfferent light. Never cease to extend compliments to a woman. A continuous flow of them, no matter how long you have been together, will always indicate your appreciation and interest in her. This helps to fuel the attraction she will have toward you.
Never become complacent about a relationship thinking you can live off the interest of your initial emotional deposit of having won her love and think you can now coast along, assuming she knows that you care. Always be in tune with what she is interested in while displaying your interest in her, That will heighten the attraction you will both have for one another, while strengthening the relationship, as you grow together.
In the last part of this series we will see how vitally important it is on both planets when it comes to making apologies.------------ Be well!!!

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