Thursday, May 21, 2009

10 Things Kids Need To Give Them Hope

To be instilling a sense of optimism and feeling positive about themselves and others, we as adults need to concentrate on providing hope to youngsters. Let's look at what we can proactively do everyday.

First: Let's create healthy self esteem and competence in young ones. We do that by developing a confident sense of self.

Second: We need to affirm cultural competence and we help them by being proud of their heritage.

Third: Let's help children identify and express feelings they have which will help them understand themselves and others better.

Fourth: Let's role model what empathy is so they can learn what others are feeling.

Fifth: Let's demonstrate what perseverance is so we can show them what not giving up means.

Sixth: We need to role model responsibility which will show children what needs to be done, how to do it and how to complete it.

Seventh: Showing children the cause and effect of choices made will teach them how to associate the effects of certain actions.

Eighth: Teach them the technique of reframing which helps them look at problems differently and with a much more positive attitude.

Ninth: This is critical-problem solving, which done in the right way will teach them throughout their life to find once again, positive solutions to whatever problems they encounter.

Tenth: This need not be surprising, optimism and hope. Providing hope through their life will help to keep happiness in their life. There is an acronym for hope which is: Hold On Possibilities Exist!

Advocating for children is something I believe we are all charged with and if done with the correct mindset in place, children will have such a better shot at a more well rounded future and well balanced, happy life.

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