Thursday, January 24, 2008


Do you have them and Why are They Important?

Boundaries are as necessary to our body as fuel is to any engine. So many people say they are living their lives when indeed they are just existing in their life. Whenever we do not feel the worth of our own selves, demonstrated by not being able to say what we want, or do what we want, it is as if we have given control of our lives over to just about anybody else on the planet.

To feel muzzled, gagged, tied up in a knot by someone else’s standards or demands is not living a full functioning life. We, as individuals, must realize this is no dress rehearsal, as we turn each page of our daily life. We are responsible for what we do and who we are becoming. Setting boundaries is one of the primary tools and the fuel we need for designing the life we really want to live.

Two of the main reasons we set boundaries are to first protect ourselves and/or anyone else we are in charge of (physically, verbally, spiritually, socially and psychologically). Secondly, when we state what we want, what we expect, what we will and will not tolerate, we stay out of the other person’s head, as to how and what they are going think of us. We will be free to state our wants, needs expectations and tolerations.

Our life must belong to us or we turn over the helm of our ship to just about anybody who will take it. We deserve better than that and a Coach will help you define your boundaries and show you how to implement them immediately.

As your Coach, I care about you and how you can free yourself from the chaos of these age old, self imposed restrictions and bondages. Please feel free to contact me so we can begin to set the necessary boundaries you need to have in creating your authentic life.


“This is The Way To Live Your Life”

Learn the combination of techniques and tools for unlocking the way to live a balanced, calm, quality filled and authentic life. Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired of the way people speak to you and treat you? Do you say to yourself “I deserve to be treated better than this but don’t know how to ask for it without creating more anxiety and conflict?”

We are all products of our upbringing and there comes a time for us to “rise above our raisin’.” What we were given through the role modeling of our adult authority figures, might have come up short, as to what we truly need to live a balanced life. When people emotionally cut us off at our knees, we have real feelings about that. We essentially give them permission to do this by our inability to defend ourselves. However, our reactions usually place us in conflict with the other person or persons.

By working with someone who supports you 100%, a Coach will assist and challenge you to learn each technique needed for individual growth. To learn assertiveness is to effectively know how to negotiate, positively influence and truly listen to others so as to know what and how to respond. By sharing who you are, what you are about and what you need the most, a Life Coach will hear you and will help guide you through the maze of change.

Let’s bring you exactly what you need to become the authentic person you are destined to be. As you begin to evaluate what assertiveness information or any other self development area you recognize the need for improvement in, please feel free to contact me and together we can discover how this can work for you. You owe it to yourself to be as happy and content in this life, regardless how others want to upset your very self. Let’s reclaim your power and have it be working for you.


Communication for each one of us is so vitally important to the degree of wellness we will all enjoy in life. How and what we say to ourselves first, determines the relationships we create with others. Have you ever heard, “People will treat you the way you see yourself”? Well, that is absolutely right on point.

If we walk around daily with self deprecating thoughts and phrases, just as sure as these words are in print, your subconscious will be taught to remind you of your negative points. The conversations you will engage others in will either contribute to the quality of your life or it will continue to contaminate every aspect of your day to day existence.

How does that become a gift to you, your family, children, mate, business associates or anyone else? Practicing radical, positive self talk affirmations will begin to diffuse these volatile, negative, “think/stink bombs.” All of this begins as a life process to immerse yourself in and a coach will
strategically help guide you all the way through. A Coach will always “have your back” and will be your biggest cheerleader of support.

If you are interested in designing a life full of healthy, interactive communication techniques, then I would very much like to hear from you. Let’s discuss together how we can jointly develop a wellness plan and system of success for your communication needs. Remember—“A powerful communicator empowers others and encourages others to express themselves”.