Thursday, January 24, 2008


Communication for each one of us is so vitally important to the degree of wellness we will all enjoy in life. How and what we say to ourselves first, determines the relationships we create with others. Have you ever heard, “People will treat you the way you see yourself”? Well, that is absolutely right on point.

If we walk around daily with self deprecating thoughts and phrases, just as sure as these words are in print, your subconscious will be taught to remind you of your negative points. The conversations you will engage others in will either contribute to the quality of your life or it will continue to contaminate every aspect of your day to day existence.

How does that become a gift to you, your family, children, mate, business associates or anyone else? Practicing radical, positive self talk affirmations will begin to diffuse these volatile, negative, “think/stink bombs.” All of this begins as a life process to immerse yourself in and a coach will
strategically help guide you all the way through. A Coach will always “have your back” and will be your biggest cheerleader of support.

If you are interested in designing a life full of healthy, interactive communication techniques, then I would very much like to hear from you. Let’s discuss together how we can jointly develop a wellness plan and system of success for your communication needs. Remember—“A powerful communicator empowers others and encourages others to express themselves”.

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