Monday, March 16, 2009

How To Enhance Your Career or Profession

I have had a number of conversations with career counselors and advisors of folks seeking career moves. One of the common grounds we seem to agree on is that there are a percentage of people who hold jobs they seem to be less than satisfied with. On the other hand, there are employers who are tolerating workers just to keep a position filled. In each case scenario, a prospective employer will be looking really careful as to who they have in their employ. Are there folks who just may be going along to get along? Will they do today what they did yesterday because they have gotten very lax and complacent in their routine? If someone came along to demonstrate quite a bit more enthusiasm or interest in this certain position, wouldn't a employer be inclined to look at you differently? Just the fact that if the right person came along to fill that position, all of a sudden somone is unexpectedly looking for a job. Taking a hard look at what we are doing and who we are becoming, I believe, is most important to continue helping us to remain most "attractive". Two distinct qualities which will help you with that is to have a very positive attitude while greeting everyone with a smile. It is said that will give you "face value". Think about how you feel when you are greeted by someone who knows how to effectively display both of these qualities. When answering a telephone, make sure you have your smile on before you start talking. A positive attitude without a doubt helps you to stay out of conflict with your supervisors, customers and fellow workers. By displaying a negative disposition and adversarial reactions will surely undermine your chances for job longevity and chances for advancement. There is an expression, "Who you are speaks so loud I cannot hear what you are saying". Absolutely speaks volumes of who we are and sometimes we just don't have to open our mouth for people to know that about us. No matter what you do for a living, if you are being paid a check then somehow you are providing a service. Look at the word--S_E_R_V_I_C_E--make two words out of it. SERV / ICE--Do you really "serv" or is there "ice" in your disposition, mannerisms and verbal reactions? Ask trusted associates for thier feedback if this is of interest to you for determining truth about you. We constantly need to keep drilling down to our core truth for proper and total self development. Know yourself to teach others about you personally, get into relationship with yourself first before extending outward to others, while engaging everyone you meet with a smile. When you decide exactly what you want, you will create the necessary steps to get there. If the job/career you have is not the one you want, do not let someone take it from you because you my not have been aware of some of this information. It makes most sense to make a choice to be proactive about things than having to be reactive. Remember--with any place of employment the 85/15 rule: 15% of what you know gets you in the door however the 85% of who you are and what you are about is what keeps you there!!!! Have a great day and best of luck to you!!

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