Saturday, March 14, 2009

How To Be More Effective in The Workplace

In today's very turbulent downturn economy, with job security being on the decline and job scarcity being on the increase, what are the things you can do to help increase your chances of staying employed at the job you have? What we will talk about are also qualities you can develop within yourself, which you can claim to bring to anyone's organization. If there is any question about how and what you can do to increase your chances of retaining your position at your job, by all means turn over all of the stones to find the answers. One line of thinking about who you are, no matter the place, people, or situations would be your attitude. Sounds quite simplistic I know, yet many people get tripped up over this. By utilizing a healthy, positive, infectuous attitude towards others, you will never have to be the smartest one in your department. IF the smartest person in a job setting showed to be caustic, frustrating or difficult to get along with the othr 22 associates, guess who will become the odd person out? People with good attitudes are teachable and trainable to tun the "gidgets to make the widgets". Having patience is quite important so when things do not go well, you will remain calm and navigate your way through it. This can be quite a role modeling value for others in times of stressful situations. The ability to be and stay in control of self to demonstrate to others how to do this, is a great leadership quality. Two qualities I strongly believe go hand in hand are that of responsibility and dependibility. If you demonstrate being a responsible enough person to be extremely dependable, these will speak volumes to folks as will being courteous, honest, mannerly and polite. Having a dropout in any of the above mentioned qualities can affect your tenure dramactically.
I wish you continued success in all your career endeavors.

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