Monday, February 11, 2008

The Ten Things I Want For You Are

As a Coach, I have a very committed sense of dedication to my clients. I realize there are certain parts of our development which are key to living a happy, balanced, quality filled life. What I would like to share with you are the very requests I have had with former clients and what I would ask of new clients. As people begin to grow into the person they either want or need to be, I am of the strong belief these will serve as either a springboard or cornerstones for your life.

1. Know and understand what your core beliefs are.
2. Tell yourself "First" the absolute unvarnished truth.
3. Start living your authentic life.
4. Have healthy self messages of "I".
5. Develop a high level sense of self worth.
6. Become a role model for others to follow.
7. Get in touch with your feelings.
8. Set very definitive and non-moveable boundaries.
9. Be a great listener while you communicate effectively.
10. Either restore, have, or keep your integrity while you role model that for others.

If your life is out of sync in any of these areas, this would serve as a mirror to hold up, to become a reflection of work needing to accomplish.

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