Monday, February 25, 2008

Manipulation and Control

When you talk about self esteem killers and covert forms of psychological abuse, these two topics have got to be as toxic as they come. Please let me preface my comments and say that if you are experiencing one or both of these, please seek out the appropriate form of help for yourself. That is most important. The lasting effects on someones mind, body and heart are so devastating that you can be very deeply or partially invested in a relationship without even knowing it. A manipulators objective is to get other's to do what they want with little or no regard being shown. No honesty, respect, sensitivity or concern for the way these destructive and manipulative behaviors will impact the lives of others. This negativity produces anxiety, guilt, blame, criticism, low self esteem and low self worth. A constant daily barrage of attacks like these are responsible for symbolically crushing the gentle spirits of others. In a family where the abuse is learned, children can only live and reflect these terrible teachings. A-B-C- AWARENESS BREEDS CONSCIOUSNESS! If manipulation is alive, active and unwell in your life, please take the necessary steps to navigate your way out of this devastating and demoralizing situation. NEVER- take anyone's guilt. Become the Victor while moving through being a victim. Learning the skills and techniques of positive responses to negative people is a very effective tool to be used against these very cruel and insidious attacks.

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