Saturday, July 26, 2008

Verbal and Emotional Abuse

There are times when we may not fully understand how subtle the effects of verbal and emotional abuse are having on our life. I recently came across nine of the most significant effects of these two forms of abuse. The Center For Relationship Abuse Awareness Organization puts these out as their campaign for consciousness which we must educate ourself about. These creep into our life and our psyche when we begin to loose sight of who and what we are about. Before we start listening to anyone's instructions of how we must conduct our very self, take careful notice if any of these are currently present in your life. If you can relate, even remotely as to how someone who may be instrumental in "guiding" you, let these be warning bells, to put you on notice, to stop these in their tracks. Here are the nine effects of verbal/emotional abuse:

Distrust of one's own spontaneity
Loss of self confidence
Growing self doubt
Uncertainity of self
Loss of enthusiasm
Fear of being crazy
Having reluctance to come to any conclusions
Has a strong desire to escape or run away.
A constant, nagging concern that something is wrong with you.

Let these be the light to help guide you along your way of becoming the person you were meant to be. Positively impact your tomorrow and take a careful look at your right now. Let's begin today to create a different history, as we begin to walk out of that and into the light of a new beginning. Be the change you want to see happen in the world.


LaShanda said...

It is so important that we as people learn to recognize within ourselves the warning signs. As for myself, I counted three to four that I did such as a growth in self doubt and uncertanty of self all in the work place. I understand that I must begin to do things differently.

I've enjoyed the website and will return again, its very uplifting; thank you.

LaShanda said...

I find it saddening to see that five months have gone by and
I still am allowing words from others to get into the deepest part of my heart. I went so far tis time to look up the word used to describe me and I find that it is not at all true. I don't see myself a "pathetic", yet I don't understand why I still hurt so much from that word used to describe me. I've got to learn to not take things so personally. Growth still needed in this area.
The funny thing is, the person immediately apologized for saying it, and asked for my forgiveness, which I did forgive. My thoughts on it was that I never wanted her to feel the pain I felt from what she said. I felt no one should ever feel that way. So, I forgave her; so why does it still hurt me so much? Maybe it's because of who it came from and how unexpected it was to hear come off her lips. She's a friend and friends just shouldn't use hurtful words to attack or express towards on another. When will I grow stronger in this area???