Saturday, July 12, 2008

How To Become A Leader

When observing a leader who is in charge of others, generally they display qualities of effectiveness. One great discernable quality you will recognize is “poise”. Leaders who exhibit poise display many role modeling characteristics, which they have truly mastered. We all develop these traits over time, through attrition and in “bite size pieces”. Learning to “calm” the negative opposites of being poised--rudeness, discontent, being critical and unapproachable, anger, uneasiness etc., is absolutely key in becoming a poised and competent leader. We calm ourselves first before we can calm others. Marie Curie once said, “We cannot hope to build a better world without improving individuals.”
If you are a leader or would like to become one, can you list 6 reasons why anyone would want to follow you? Do you look for what you want in others instead of what you don’t want? Are you a good motivator and builder of self worth, self confidence and self esteem in people? Does your message say “I am responsible”? Do you have an attitude of gratitude or “something else”? Let us be more concerned with leading others to be “on their way” instead of “in their way.”
Setting a positve, healthy, functional example of being a leader, definitely comes with experience. You will consistently have people's support, even though you will make mistakes along the way. If the very people you lead, know and understand you have their back, they will allow you the space for you to grow into, especially when they realize it also becomes better for them in the end. To sum this subject up, here are 5 soul searching questions to ask yourself, to help you develop this poise and effectiveness we are referring to:
1. Can you take a reprimand without blowing up?
2. Can you take a turndown without becoming discouraged?
3.Can you laugh with others when the joke is on you?
4.Can you keep your spirits up when things go wrong?
5.Can you keep cool in emergencies?
Master these five and you will become one of the most effective, rolemoldeling, accomplished and productive leaders who will lead with confidence!!

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