Monday, March 24, 2008

Personal Values

More and more as I network with people, the discussion of personal values continues to intrigue me. I will preface my comments here with the fact that I was not always able to identify mine. This is the very reason why I connect with others about this topic. One thing to know in regards to claiming your values is that self confidence is tied directly to this issue. Once defined, you will grow leaps and bounds in restructuring your life. Each one of us has our own personal power that we either personally diminish or will relinquish to others, figuring they might know better what is right for us. Get clear, crystal clear on what you value most: loyalty, kindness, wisdom, charm, empathy, honesty etc. just to name a few. Once becoming definite about what you stand for, admire and seek, your peace of mind, sense of purpose and fullfillment will pave the way for success and happiness. You become a self actualizing person who is totally responsible for choices made. Webster's defines value as "a thing or quality of intrinisic worth". Let's become genuinely focused on your values so you will come to realize the self worth you are very deserving of.

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