Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Learning To Communicate With Tact and Skills

As a result of developing your skill set and widening your range of techniques and communication tools, there will be a new realization of what your life will be about and who you will become. Here is just a short laundry list to review of how elevating your current knowledge base will benefit you. As a result of these new mindsets you will learn: A simple four step method for handling conflict; how to become a better supervisor, manager, team leader, parent, spouse, mate; how to eliminate being a direct target for rude and difficult people; how to have the proper response instead of a negative emotional reaction; how to stop being a people pleaser and take good care of yourself; how to stop being manipulated anymore; how to effectively deflect criticism; how to handle the "right fighters" in your life; how to spot a "V.E.R.B."(A person who generally is playing the Victim role--always displaying a sense of Entitlement--looking to be Rescued by others----then Blaming others and life for their misfortune and deeds gone wrong.) how to set appropriate boundaries and stick to them; how to develop better listening skills; finally-- last but certainly not least, how to bring out the best in yourself and others.
Start choosing today to positively respond to others by communicating with a very different yet healthier dialogue. The saying comes to mind," The more I understand myself, the more effectively I can work with others".

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