Monday, October 11, 2010

6 Ways to Manage More Effectively

When we have the opportunity to engage others, whether it be personally, professionally and even with family--we are always extending to others exactly who we are and what we know.
In selecting this topic, I am of the humble opinion that the more we know the better we grow. Cutting our teeth on learning communication techniques will always serve to be both respectful of others while keeping our own self respect.

By constantly filling our self up with all of the good, positive, pure and healthy will certainly give us the edge in life to become a higher functioninjg individual.

On my home page of my web site,, you will find three universal benefits to coaching. Communication is one of the three, however the other two are directly tied to how we express to others what we want, need , expect and tolerate. Please check those out when you can as well as lettters on my blog.

The 6 ways to build people are::

1. Be Amicable with Everyone. This isn't to say you are or will be buddy-buddy with them, just that you are more approachable, inviting and open to all.
2. Share with Everyone. Be that willing to share yourself with others as they will feel comfortable doing the same with you. Of course there is a limit and boundary to some things, I understand, however to be too guarded will keep from developing trust and dedication from them to you.
3. Seek Out Mentors and Knowledge. Anything needed to help you learn more, become more is certainly available to you if you just search long and hard enoough to find it.
4. Be Royally Loyal. Hewlett Packard learned this day after day after day within his organization. He walked the floor of his company demonstrating this to his people. The more you give this the more you will get in return. It is the best investment in others you can make.
5. Care to Be Fair. When you emulate this to others, their behavior towards you and others will yield a very positive return.
6. Always Find the Humor in Most Situations. One of the best indicators of one's ability to lead and be a positive role model is to laugh at themselves first so as to not leave the job to others. It neutralizes pressure in most all tense situations and brings a calm to any energized atmosphere.

I wish you all well as you continue to develop yourself in whatever way you feel the need to grow in. Just know that this journey through life is just that and not a destination we ever reach.

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